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Jim Parsons spotted wearing a danielink t-shirt in Hollywood. Will Sheldon Cooper approve?

Jim Parsons spotted wearing a danielink t-shirt. Will Sheldon Cooper approve? Not really. But I'm really hoping this blog post will find its way to Shelly. Beam me up Mr Jim Parsons. I'm a big fan and have written you this letter. Please shoot me with your lightsaber or email me. I'm good ether way... Here goes.... Dear Jim My name is Daniel Pavlovic, I live in Perth Western Australia, I'm 19 and i live at home with my mum and dad just out of Perth in the Hills a neat place called Darlington. My passion is art and I study at a local tafe called poly tec. I am also love sports but I am limited to what I...

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Hi, I'm Daniel Pavlovic and I have a little t-shirt business

A little T-Shirt business that makes a big difference. Hi, my name is Daniel Pavlovic and I'm the proud designer of daniel(ink) T-shirts. We also, for all the right and obvious reasons, proudly support The Centre for Cerebral Palsy by donating part of our proceeds. You'll be more than supporting the growth of this fun venture. You'll be making a difference in a kids life. A kid just like me. Thank you in advance. (You're going to buy a T-shirt right?...aaaaahahahahahahah)... Of course you will!

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I was a Wood Duck before I became a Black Duck, no really, I was!

Four years ago I started playing wheelchair basketball.  I was rubbish, I couldn’t push a chair or bounce a ball or do any of their drills.  My first game was scary, I got the ball and threw it straight out of the court!  I decided to stick with it though as I made some really great friends and they understand what I go through every day, we’re on the same level. After playing a few years I got better at pushing, bouncing and understanding how the game works.  Then I got my own sports chair made up.  I started getting into my games and scored one goal in Season 1 and two goals in Season 2. Last year I got...

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I confess, I have an obsession with Ramsey Street!

I know it’s not cool to admit to loving Neighbours, but I do.  My obsession with all things Ramsey Street began when I was about 9 and my Granny Annie came over from England.  She sat me down and told me to watch one episode and that was it, I was hooked. I love everyone on the show, it’s always world war 3 between them.  The storylines are like real life, and sometimes the acting is pretty funny.  My favourite on the Neighbours would have to be Valentina.  She is amazingly attractive, hot, smart, a drama queen and obsessive with make-up, clothes and shoes!  My other favourites are Jordy, Jordan, James and Bob. Sometimes it feels like I have two...

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