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Adam Thank you Daniel for the t-shirts. Love them!
Your an inspiration, a gentleman and a world class comedian!

Hi Daniel,
The T’s arrived this morning and they look great.
Excellent fit, many thanks.
Regards, John.

Chryse, I'm so glad I found your shop Daniel, you're an awesome person, I will be buying my Tshirts from you forever now, so glad I went to the markets at Perth Concert Hall yesterday, I wasn't going to, tired of catching buses every day, but your Tshirt Stand was well worth the bus journey.  Take care mister I can see you are well loved, good stuff.

Hi Daniel, Thanks for letting me know, and how fantastic for you and your business. Wishing you the very best with your travels, Susie

 Katherine  I just wanted to say thanks for the 3 great t'shirts I ordered for Xmas prezzies - they look fabbo, are great quality and went down a treat with my son, husband and nephew...all the best...
I love your tshirts.  So cool. 
Hi Daniel,

thanks for attending the self management work shop today, 
I would like to personally express my happiness in seeing you achieving such great accomplishments. am very impressed by the quality and the vision you have instilled in your artwork. Your work is an inspiration to us all!

Keep it up mate, its remarkable 

Karla It was so lovely meeting you. What an inspiration you are making so many people happy wearing your cool T-Shirt xxx
Danny Bhoy
Hi mate,
Glad to hear all going so well. The rest of the tour went really well thanks.
See you next time Dan!
Best Wishes,

 Katherine I just wanted to say thanks for the 3 great t'shirts I ordered for Xmas prezzies - they look fabbo, are great quality and went down a treat with my son, husband and nephew...all the best...

 Shelley Hello

received my order today.  Thank you so very much.  Very much appreciated.  I have "liked" and shared your facebook page.  


Many thanks to Ivan who was very helpful with my order.  


I hope the ink team have a wonderful chrissie and get some well earned rest.

 Seasons greetings

It was nice to meet you on Sunday, thanks for stopping by! I look forward to following you and seeing what you get up to with your business. Best of luck! Alaura

 Lisa Hi Daniel, I just placed an order for my husband and daughter. I wanted to let you know how great I think it is that you donate back to The Ability Centre. My daughter has Sotos Syndrome and she has been at The Ability Centre for the past 6 months after moving on from PMH. They are fantastic and we can't say enough good things about them. So I appreciate your donating as I know my daughter benefits greatly from you and everyone else who donates. Thanks you, from Lisa and Lettie

Hey Daniel 
Just wanted to say thanks for my awesome order.
Sorry for the delayed reply (i had some leg surgery the week I ordered my stuff)
My friend was wearing one of your shirts and I ordered the same day - the delivery was super quick and the shirt and pic I will get framed are excellent - love them. 
Thanks Daniel and have a great week.

Morning Daniel. I was at the Perth markets yesterday and brought 2 of your shirts. I'm doing my uni study today with one on. U are a totally inspirational person with passion and drive. Well done to u, your family and friends. Can you tell me were your next market day will be?

Congratulations Daniel and crew for top 3 stall in my eyes at the Finders Keepers Market @ the Melbourne Exhibition Building a couple of weeks ago. Keep up the good work. You should be very proud of yourself!!! X ?❤️

Jill Mackenzie
I purchased a couple of t-shirts two years ago and wear them regularly. Besides loving the unique design on the front I think they are brilliant because they have kept their shape and have hardly faded.

Raenette Handy
I bought mine 6 other designs about prob 3? years ago at Mundaring Markets one day. Being an artist i see "shapes" in all sorts of things. So glad you posted this I have pointed it out to a few people and thought i was just something my brain saw lol thanks Daniel

 Lorin Hall I saw so many people up at Kalamunda the other day with Daniels shirts on, they are so unique. 

 Jane Evans. 

Hi Daniel

Thank you I received the t-Shirts.  They are great.
I have just had to order another one as I forgot to order one for one of my sons.  OOPS! 
Look forward to seeing your new range
when you have one.
Jane Evans
Vince Just discovered your tees, and ordered one, so keen . Keep up the good work man

Richard Brilliant story and posting up some more pics over the weekend! Top man Dan!

Charlie I was given one of your awesome t-shirts as a gift,

  • But not quite true to life, you're much more handsome ? that looks awesome

Hi Daniel! I was at Bowerbird markets yesterday and bought two of your tees to add to my existing collection of your tees. I wore one this morning and was doing some shopping at Glenelg Beach when I saw this beautiful cow who definitely needed to be a part of a pic with one of your tees. I named her Dolores. 

Thanks again for your tees. I hope that you had a great weekend.


Phil Keep up the hard work. 

Corinna, love your designs, they are awesome.

Anne, but am amazed at how quickly you can process an order and delivery!  You could teach a lot of people how to run a good business Daniel 😊  

Thank you so much Daniel. I have received my order and i am very happy with my purchases. I will be looking forward to see what new designs you come up with in the future. Robyn Morrow

 Hi Daniel (and Daniel's dad *waves*),

How are you?

I just wanted to start this email by saying...WOW. You are just an inspiration. My best friend bought me one of your tees for Christmas (The Bont rollerskater which BTW, I LOVE). I am yet to make it to a market, especially an Upmarket but when I do...I will chew your ear off with questions.

Maybe I should actually tell you who I am?
My name is Alysha. I live in Baldivis with my husband, my almost two year old daughter, my dog (who is currently sharing the couch and my lap) and my budgie.
I started my own tshirt design business in March last year, launching it in June called Hey Alzer Designs (check me out on FB). I started off doing designs for babies (like, celebrating a Poonami) and designs that could be customized. Now I am moving into more adult designs and moving away from the heat transfer medium and starting to dabble in screen printing...whilst studying a Diploma of Business on line.
My Vision is "Make the world smile with t-shirts" - you gotta aim big, right?
So...I have SOOOO many questions for you!!!
Do you screen print the tees yourself or do you outsource that?
What inks do they use?
What stencilling method do you use for the screens - Emulsion?
Where do you source your tees from (because they are amazing) - what brand are they?
...HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL!??!?!?!?!?! hahaha
Thanks in advance for reading my email and I hope you are having a good day.
Hi Daniel,
It’s taken a while but here are some photos as promised.  You may not remember, but I bought a T shirt from you at the Fremantle Bazzar markets.  My brother in law took these photos this morning in Busselton with my 90 Corvette convertible/hardtop.  I particularly like the black and white images and hoping you like them too.   Wishing you all the best, I love the T shirt and I get a lot of comments and I let people know how to find your products.
All the very best for your future fundraising and designs.
Peter and Nalda Hoskins
Daniela love your designs.
Kim Parry I had so many comments and questions about your lovely tee shirt!
Cassandra Looking forward to receiving and wearing the lovely tee, the designs are gorgeous!
Kind regards, 
 Wayne It was lovely meeting you both in Myer today  If only all of my customers were as nice!
Kelly Milikins I love your work, great job!!!
Alysha such a cool dude and an absolute inspiration! if you don't have a daniel(ink.) tee yet, get one now. 
Leanne Thank you i have received my order. Very happy with it.
Synn Lynn Dear Daniel, Great work with the t-shirts.
Katie  Your designs are awesome!
Diane, Hi Daniel,
Just wanted to send you this photo of my family on Christmas Day 😍  I meet you at the design market in Melbourne and bought all these t-shirts from you. As you can see everyone was very happy to be wearin one 😃.   They have been a big hit in my family and I often get compliments when I am wearing mine. 
Hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas and that the new year brings you lots of good luck and happiness.
Thanks for making our day special.
Meleah I really like your designs, so I'm sure i'll be ordering more in the future.
Dale You’re awesome Daniel 
Kerry I think your designs are fantastic just wanted to let you know, love your work keep it up.
Adam  keep up the awesome work. 
Jennifer Congratulations and keep up your awesome work!
Hi Daniel,
Just wanted to say a personal thank you for your amazing artwork and excellent customer service.
This particular design has been my favourite, and has been on my wishlist for a while, and so I finally treated myself with some money I received as a birthday gift - and it even arrived gift wrapped! :-)
I will be sure to pass on your business name to as many people as I can.
Keep smiling and keep sharing your brilliant creativity with the world.
Sheridan :-)
Hi, My t-shirt arrived safe and sound today and I love it... Thank you
Thank you for your service and art! 
Keep up the fabulous work and great designs Daniel 
Those couple of hand pressed by the master himself must be
collectables. Well done daniel(ink.) ♥️love your work! 
Awesome job
You are a true inspiration
Awesome work daniel(ink.)
Great work
Good on you  Daniel.
Best T shirts in Perth! And you give back! Go Daniel.
Love your shirts and jumpers!
Love your work by the way
Good on ya mate. Keep up the good work.
Love your designs
Loving my new T’s! Thanks so much. Will definitely be back to order more